Shaper Supply offers introductory Surfboard Shaping Lessons to the general public. For nearly the price of a brand new production board, Shaper Supply provides the student with all the materials, supplies, tools, and instruction necessary to create a surfboard.

We have learned that as surfers there is nothing more rewarding than entering the water with a personally hand-built board. This, to us, is truly the essence of the surfing experience. With all the mass production of surfboards on the rise, we aim to keep tradition alive by teaching individuals how to craft their own surfboards.

Student and instructor will work one-on-one through all phases of the design and construction of a surfboard, using both traditional and modern tools, techniques and materials. The lesson will teach design and shaping techniques to shape your own surfboard directly from a blank. Once board type is selected, the student is guided through the complete process from blank selection to the finishing procedures. Tool safety and the understanding of shaping equipment is emphasized.

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